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graph of production in us, saudia arabia and russia

America's New Industrial Revolution: Natural Gas

The world is in the midst of a natural gas revolution thanks to discovery of shale gas. The EIA, the US Energy Information Administration, estimates global "technically recoverable" shale gas resources at 6,600 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), equaling about 60 years of world gas consumption. Some are calling the shale gas development "the biggest energy bonanza in decades." Even the international Energy Agency refers to a scenario it calls a "golden age of gas."

North America could be the next global hub for energy, replacing the Middle East, if projects involving deep water drilling, oil sands and natural gas reach their potential.

The US has led the way in shale gas drilling by applying "hydrofracking" or "fracking" to horizontal drilling techniques in order to crack open tight shale rock formations with a high pressured mix of water and chemicals.

As a result, natural gas production and natural gas inventories have increased significantly over the past two years, thereby creating thousands of new jobs and thousands more to come!

map of north american shale plays

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